Q: How much does it cost to register a credit card with It’s My Michigan?

A: It’s FREE to become an It’s My Michigan shopper. You can register as many credit or debit cards as you want for FREE.


Q. Is registering my credit or debit card on the It's My Michigan website or app, safe?

A. Absolutely, We use a security program that contains administrative, technical, and physical controls that are designed to safeguard your information. We use encryption technology to secure the registration, the cash back of credit or debit cards, and your personal information.


Q: Do I lose the miles, points, or cash back rewards that were already part of my card?

A: No. It’s My Michigan enhances your current rewards. You still get the rewards that your issuing bank provides.


Q: How do I get my cash back?

A: That's easy. When you make a purchase using your registered credit or debit card at an IMM merchant, our system automatically puts cash back right onto your primary card. You will see credits on your primary card statements AND can review your complete IMM reward history on your IMM dashboard.


Q: How do I tell the merchant I am using an IMM registered card?

A: You do not have to tell the merchant. The merchant’s system will automatically recognize if your card is registered when you swipe it. There are no hoops to jump through to get your cash back rewards. This is what makes IMM so special.


Q: Where are the businesses I get cash back from?

A: IMM merchants are all over Michigan. Once you register, you can view all the IMM merchants by location and/or by category using itsmymichigan.com or the Its My MI app..


Q: How do I register my card?

A: Register on our website at www.itsmymichigan.com and click on the "sign up" link. Complete the simple registration form and register one or all of your credit and debit cards.

Alternatively, you can download our app (iOS /Google) and register right from the app.


Q: How will I know how much cash back I have?

A: Login to the IMM website or mobile app and visit the IMM Dashboard to review all of your savings. The dashboard clearly shows how much savings you have accumulated, the date this savings will be paid to your credit/debit card, and how much has been paid to your card year-to-date. Please note that savings will continue to accumulate until you have accumulated a minimum of $10.00 in savings.