"It's My Michigan is a non-partisan organization. We are in no way affiliated with any local, County, State, or Federal government agency. "It's My Michigan" is here to help Michigan Businesses, Residents, Schools and non-profit organizations by creating beneficial money saving programs.

Founder and CEO, Patrick Kaiser, developed It's My Michigan, because in 2007 and 2008, he was watching thousands of businesses close down and residents losing their jobs and homes, and to top it off, the school funding was being reduced, causing them to cut back on our children's education and much needed programs.

Patrick spent over 18 months creating the It's My Michigan program with one goal in mind, Getting Michigan residents, businesses and organizations to all work together for a stronger, brighter, safer, more effective Michigan.

To meet your expectations of what and how Michigan should be

Strong ...safe ...economically stable ...balanced ...enjoyable ...fair ...efficient ...have the best education...have the best health care...and honest and faithful leaders that are determined to keep Michigan and our country strong and true.

To stabilize and offer financial relief to Michigan Residents

Giving them the comfort and confidence of knowing that Michigan businesses that are honoring the "It's My Michigan" Members, are doing their part, in a new restructuring process to help assure residents that they are getting the best deal for their buck. One of the reasons Michigan is failing, is because no one is comfortable buying anything other than necessities. With the rising cost of fuel, business cut backs, closings, more job losses and the cost of living on the rise, people cannot spend money on what they want; only what they need. "It's My Michigan" business members are changing this by offering continuous year round discounts to all "It's My Michigan" members.


By working together with Michigan Businesses, Residents, Schools and other organizations in a cooperative effort, we can strengthen our Economy and create that brighter more effective Michigan.

Let’s put Michigan back on track… As concerned Michigan residents, together we can and will begin to affect important and much needed changes for our state and its residents. Together, we can improve and restore Michigan not only back to the state it used to be, but to a state that supports the well being of its citizens, their values and we can, once again, say we are proud to live in.

Help Us Make Michigan A Brighter More Effective State.